In Uncategorized on November 13, 2008 at 2:51 am


maybe because there’s a november chill in the air. maybe because i’m reading mckibben’s deep economy and questioning the viability and value of perpetual growth. maybe because i work for a non-profit which appears to be slowly bleeding from the top and bottom.

for whatever reason, this is clearly a fallow season.

though there are times where i am tempted to despair, there are plenty of other times when i sit and consider how i’m going to turn the soil, rest, save and prepare for the growth that is to come.

during this fallow season, i want to drill down in prayer and see if i can discover some of the unction evidenced by preachers of old. i want to brave the silence long enough to read theology again. i want to slow down long enough to listen to my beloved and others as well. i want to lead my unsuspecting ambition up to moriah and see what gives.

how are you spending this fallow season?


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