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i stand corrected, sir

“By 1998 six of the seven largest parachurch mission agencies were World Vision (founded 1950, annual revenues $304 million), Larry Jones International Ministries/Feed the Children (1964, $128 million),MAP International (1954, $85 million), Compassion International (1952, $69 million), Food for the Hungry (1971, $53 million) and Christian Aid Ministries (1981, $43 million). All have been founded since 1945 and all make relief, development, education and health care their primary focus, with evangelism a secondary concern.” – Michael S. Hamilton, “More Money, More Ministry: The Financing of American Evangelicalism Since 1945,” pg. 118.

“The budget of just one organization dedicated to evangelism – Campus Crusade for Christ ($241 million) – is itself larger than all spending by all evangelical political group, right and left. Evangelicals spend more on summer camps than on politics, more on urban rescue missions than on politics, and more on youth programs than on politics. When we factor in the amounts that evangelicals give to their churches – probably somewhere between $14 billion and $20 billion – there is no doubt that evangelicals devote less than 1 percent of their religious spending to public affairs matters. If we follow the money, it clearly does not lead to politics.” – ibid, pgs. 130-131.

these figures are from 1998, but they are still startling. to me anyway.


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