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an open invite to friends near and far

Hey All,

Just a reminder that the cohort is meeting this Tuesday night at Danny’s Diner (300 Beacon Street, Somerville, MA) from 7-9 pm.

When I was a student at Soybean Bible College my favorite professor and spiritual director always taught me to “study and experience abroad, but always find a way back home.” In light of this advice, I have always been open to diverse theological conversations and new forms of Christian mission, but I have also tried to stay consciously rooted in the Christian Church, Church of Christ tradition of my youth.

This month I would like for us to discuss the beliefs and practices of our faith tradition that we value and aim to sustain. The Emergent conversation is often concerned with letting go of the past so that we can lean into God’s future. While those discussions are necessary and valuable I think it is also important for us to discuss the beliefs and practices that have shaped us in the past and shape us still. At this meeting we’ll also review the Peter Rollins event and talk about the upcoming events sponsored by the Crossing Community.

I hope to see you there!


ht: dr. james

  1. I’ve got me a cravin’ for some brownies all of a sudden.

  2. yeah? so does michael phelps.we had a really great meeting btw. we even had guests who drove all the way from vermont. how’s that for braving the weather?

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