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In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 2:12 am

i drank the friday night lights kool-aid years ago. i loved buzz bissinger’s book and was the first in line to beg for a signed copy when @buzzbissinger offered them up two sundays ago. i thought the first season of friday night lights was brilliant – the scene wherein saracen sings to his demensia addled grandmother nearly killed me. when ablevision let me tag along to 30 rock last november it took a momentous act of will to forego a dillion panthers state champion t-shirt.

for these reasons, it pains me to say that season 4 of fnl is a disappointment. the season started on a promising note, with coach taylor reassigned to the other side of the tracks and finding it damn near impossible to connect with players that were not raised to acquiesce to his authority. however, as david plotz hints in his recap of the current episode, the show has been derailed into drama central, where an abortion plot, a one dimensional drug addled mother and yet another act of riggins recidivism sleep on the benches.

fnl is at its best when the football field is the intersection for the story arcs. since the writers have a two year contract in their back pockets, they should can the babbling becky plots and focus on the football. here’s to hoping for more animated conversations between coach and vernon, buddy machinations and joe mccoy subversions in fnl’s future.


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