comedy as testimony

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testimony among exiles is “the playful, hyperbolic, ironic utterance that keeps the uttered future elusively beyond the control of rulers of this age, who would like to tame the elusiveness into a large, domesticated generalization that can be administered.” -uncle walt, cadences of home, pg. 58

seven or eight years ago some soybeaner in the married projects said that his youth minister often referred to himself as a “frustrated comic.” i found that characterization odd and almost off-putting at the time. later, in class at s.h.i.t. david wells said that the most “violent thing you can do to truth is to laugh at it.”

in a world (cue dead narrator voice) where the powerful present the absurd as though it were the status quo, i’m starting to realize that humor is not merely a cheap escape from reality, but a playful presentation of a counter-reality wherein, as uncle walt reminds us, the last truly are first and flowers are more stunning than the airbrushed princesses of the principalities. the “truth” of the status quo that presumes to rule our country, churches, families and lives, deserves to be ridiculed. however, my prayer is that our playful ridicule will bubble forth from hope, not from spite.

of course, this insight into the redemptive role of comedy was grasped by so many of my friends previously. i would consider myself slow if i wasn’t blessed with friends so clever.

now, if you’ll excuse me i’m going to brush up on my homiletics by watching louie. be blessed and be well.

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