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oh sharia!

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Protestors Rally Against the "Ground Zero" Mosque, 8/22/2010

okay, okay, i’ll admit it.

if their protest song was – “sharia! you’re breaking my heart! you’re shaking my confidence daily!” – i’d be tempted to join ’em.



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“In a head-on collision with Fanatics, the real problem is always the same: how can we possibly behave decently toward people so arrogantly ignorant that they believe, first, that they possess Christ’s power to bestow salvation, second, that forcing us to memorize and regurgitate a few of their favorite Bible phrases and attend their church is that salvation, and third, that any discomfort, frustration, anger or disagreement we express in the face of their moronic barrages is due not to their astounding effrontery but to our sinfulness.”-David James Duncan, The Brothers K, pg. 227

i want to go there

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this morning i had the opportunity to stay home from church with a sick lydian.* as i spent a few moments in prayer i began to see that God is calling us out of our horribly constrictive narratives – i.e., the american dream, evangelicals against the world, democracy: the world’s one great hope, the sojourn of the victim, the eternal penance of the oppressor – and into the infinitely broader horizons of the Kingdom of Heaven.

perhaps when Jesus bids us come and die he is challenging us to be tacked up rather than submit to the narrow narratives that are not worthy of our lives.

i don’t claim to know much about the Kingdom of Heaven and its redemptive dynamics. but if the Kingdom is the place where all things are made new, the blind see, the mute speak and the captives are truly set free, then i want to go there.

now to learn the obedience to God, shoulder the bonds of fellowship and live the true tensions that characterize our struggle into the Kingdom.

* just a cold mom. she’ll be fine.

a heart unexpectedly warmed

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lately i’ve enjoyed several novels about unexpectedly reformed faith. in clyde edgerton’s comic thriller, the bible salesman, a southern baptist protagonist turns to higher criticism to reframe his evolving faith. john dalton’s heaven lake records the misadventures of a campus ministry inspired recruit who loses his cherry along with his faith on the mission field. i have enjoyed both of these novels and realize that one of my responsibilities as both a pastor and facilitator of an emergent cohort is to provide gracious accompaniment for people shuffling or sprinting towards the backdoor of the christian faith.

i’m ok with the aforementioned roles, have long since made my peace with the existential nature of the faith and savored both of those novels. however, as i wound my way through psalm 18 today and listened to spurgeon’s reflections i found my heart strangely warmed. in the midst of my innumerable contradictions i still long to be renewed by the God who was lead me through deep waters, keeps my lamp burning and turns my darkness into light.

this is the way i am talking about the tension today.

geeking out

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man am i glad someone can’t spell.

there goes my hero!

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that cow

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on monday i thought our daycare provider – whom i love and don’t mean to demean in any way – was returning from vacation. i was wrong.

since kellie had a full slate at work and i only had one meeting that others could cover, i decided to stay home with the kids. you’d think that i would appreciate the opportunity to spend extra time with my children who, blessedly, seem to take after my wife instead of me.

if you thought thus, you would be wrong. i was buzzing with anger and displayed a quick temper throughout the day.

around 10 am, while lydian was sitting in her rocker and pulling on the musical cow (pictured on the left), preston unexpectedly ripped the cow off its velcro lead, flung it across the room, turned to me and said: “that cow is making me angry!”

i guess God has a sense of humor.


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i met a commercial pilot last month who is paid to disperse 50 lb boxes of sterile insects over los angeles. when i heard about this intriguing crop dusting i immediately dreamed of a team of insects being dropped on a kardashian. alas, the pilot quickly informed me that the insects are so small they often go unnoticed and they are released individually at timed intervals.

i’m starting to learn that change is like that. in order to protect los angeles from invasive pests or alter the culture in an organization you have to find an effective means of change, pursue that change persistently and realize that change is often the result of the smallest impetus and almost imperceptible transitions.

so i’m trying to simultaneously sustain my passion for cultural change and pursue patience in regards to the means.

unexpected sermons

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last week i asked preston, “who does daddy love?” “preston,” he immediately answered.

“who else does daddy love,” i continued. he countered by answering lydian, mommy, uncle cade, aunt becky, etc.

after i thought our game was through preston asked, “and yourself daddy? do you love yourself?”

good question.

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