that cow

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2010 at 1:55 am

on monday i thought our daycare provider – whom i love and don’t mean to demean in any way – was returning from vacation. i was wrong.

since kellie had a full slate at work and i only had one meeting that others could cover, i decided to stay home with the kids. you’d think that i would appreciate the opportunity to spend extra time with my children who, blessedly, seem to take after my wife instead of me.

if you thought thus, you would be wrong. i was buzzing with anger and displayed a quick temper throughout the day.

around 10 am, while lydian was sitting in her rocker and pulling on the musical cow (pictured on the left), preston unexpectedly ripped the cow off its velcro lead, flung it across the room, turned to me and said: “that cow is making me angry!”

i guess God has a sense of humor.

  1. It could be worse. Aidan has been singing (non-stop) a song from a Veggie Tales video one of my in-laws bought him. He only knows one line: “I need to tell you something, I don’t have a belly button.” I only wish I had something like a cow to throw.

  2. i have often not corrected my kids when they have thrown things (as long as they didn’t injure someone) because i am living vicariously through them.

  3. look at all these comments. guess i’m going to have to post on anger more often. God knows i have enough of it.

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