a heart unexpectedly warmed

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2010 at 9:25 pm

lately i’ve enjoyed several novels about unexpectedly reformed faith. in clyde edgerton’s comic thriller, the bible salesman, a southern baptist protagonist turns to higher criticism to reframe his evolving faith. john dalton’s heaven lake records the misadventures of a campus ministry inspired recruit who loses his cherry along with his faith on the mission field. i have enjoyed both of these novels and realize that one of my responsibilities as both a pastor and facilitator of an emergent cohort is to provide gracious accompaniment for people shuffling or sprinting towards the backdoor of the christian faith.

i’m ok with the aforementioned roles, have long since made my peace with the existential nature of the faith and savored both of those novels. however, as i wound my way through psalm 18 today and listened to spurgeon’s reflections i found my heart strangely warmed. in the midst of my innumerable contradictions i still long to be renewed by the God who was lead me through deep waters, keeps my lamp burning and turns my darkness into light.

this is the way i am talking about the tension today.


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