In Uncategorized on September 4, 2010 at 6:07 pm

as ridiculous as it is i have to be tolerant of tebow’s haircut because i have pondered the same do in the past (after watching brother sun and sister moon in catholic school, when considering putting on a show with my own (now dead) gubbio, etc.) but for a fear of male pattern baldness goes me.

i’m still reading duncan’s the brothers k and it continues to amaze. hardly a page goes by without a word of wisdom or quotable quote. one of my recent favorites: “to defy the God of Progress is often to marry the Goddess of Poverty.” that’s a good word for heavily leveraged liberal arts students with a commitment to social justice, progressive church planters and the like.

as much as i would like to confess otherwise, i am an intensely emotional baseball fan. i would far prefer to be analytic, ready to W.H.I.P. out the stats at any moment and contrast my spreadsheets with keith law. but that shit just ain’t the truth. i live and die with the laundry and facts, while not completely disregarded, are far from the foundation of my fandom. recently i’ve felt like my approach to christianity is similar and that, frankly, scares the shit out of me.

i’ve been walking around with tears in my eyes all day. i’d love to believe that means, like buechner oft suggests, that i am a little closer to the hidden and holy heart of all things, but i suspect that i am only exhausted.

  1. I love the pun used when referencing W.H.I.P.

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