Top Ten Halloween Highlights

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2010 at 10:56 pm

for me at least, another halloween is in the books. since i don’t have the energy to write something substantive, i’ll give you a list. so, with no further adieu, my top ten highlights.

10. serving fair trade hot cocoa for a second year. thanks to equal exchange for their generosity and partnership.

9. running out of hot cocoa at 6:30 on saturday night and skipping out to see jackass 3d.

8. picking up a copy of well paid slave and crazy for God at cut-rate prices at the now closed <sniff> cornerstone    books. you were good cornerstone!

7. not cutting, damaging or wounding my feet in any way while monking up in salem.

6. being constantly blessed by rennie and joanne’s dinners at the vault. thanks to these amazing women and the many people at the church who donated food.

5. spending a saturday afternoon with twenty college students and leaders from sojourn collegiate ministry. this was their second year of service and they absolutely played a crucial role in the success of one of our busiest days. extra props to those i served directly beside like alicia (forgive me if i am misspelling or miscalling your name). that girl was fearless!

4. serving for another year with streams ministries and the bridge churches. the streams folks lay down their lives for at least three weeks a year to be a blessing to thousands of people in salem. we simply could not do it without them! extra thanks to lance, ali and brandon for their competent, positive leadership. i didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone on their team this year (wish the same could be said of me).

3. serving communion on rawfaith this morning. captain mckay’s commitment to his daughter elizabeth and his risky faith totally inspired me and infused my ministry with boldness over the last, occasionally grueling, week.

2a. the amazing gathering volunteers. there weren’t as many of us as in years past, but those who were there were dedicated, driven and amazing. special props to those i served beside constantly such as carrie, paul, elizabeth, will, joyce, sarah, christina, rachel, jonathan, jeff and pastor phil.

2b. april’s prayer for me this afternoon. she asked, well, i’ll leave that between us. but i was truly blessed by her prayer and i hope God answers expeditiously. april is such a blessing to our community. she came to faith after connecting with the gathering on halloween night ten years ago tonight.

2c. being able to monk up and offer blessings on the streets of salem. because, much like our father abraham, we have been blessed, it is such a joy to be a blessing.

2d. having four mostly productive conversations with the street preachers. one of the local guys who rolls out with repent america, offered me a tract, received my blessing and enveloped me in an embrace. that meant a lot to me. it was also great having preacher bob eat dinner with us and use the gathering space for rest and respite. our methodologies and eschatologies might differ, but he is a gentle soul whose fidelity to his calling inspires me.

1. the unflinchingly generous service and constant sacrifices made by my beloved wife. i could not serve the same hours or with the same passion without her. she’s truly amazing.

  1. God bless you, my friend.

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  3. I had such a fun time! Why aren’t we facebook friends yet?

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