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the door in the floor

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2010 at 2:09 am

today a colleague and i met with the community outreach director for a local nonprofit hospital. as the outreach director introduced us to the wealth of personal health and wellness opportunities – including “for best health, remember breast health,” which just might be community health’s best answer to mlb’s dick pole – they offer to numerous populations throughout the city, i literally felt my stomach lurch.

i’ve worked at rectangle for four years and, honestly, haven’t really thought about the dietary needs of the individuals we serve at great length, much less pondered the effect the relative lack of primary care physicians in our area has on under-resourced populations or thought about how well designed parental assistance programs help young women stay on their education track and avoid chronic underemployment.  what’s more, i fear that in my ignorance of public health concerns i am far from alone.

since that meeting the lack of well-considered, contextualized public health services for people with disabilities has felt as overwhelming as the incredible the incredible need for comprehensive violence prevention initiatives designed for the disabled population felt six months ago (or, in my more pessimistic moments, still feels).

the difference between me at 23 and me at 33 is that when the almost incomprehensible needs of the people with disabilities or the apparently infinite complexity of a matter at hand leave me with legs futilely spinning in midair before rudely depositing me on the cold concrete below, i somehow find the strength to eschew the fetal position and scratch my way forward.

i guess you could call the difference between the fetal position and the long, slow scratch grace or maturity. either way, i’ll take it.

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