We Few…We Happy Few…We Pachyderms.

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Contributed By: Kevin Smith Clark

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” – U2, “Acrobat”

The Ricky Gervais Golden Globe outrage has given me a tinge of a headache.  Somebody please explain to me exactly what was wrong about his brilliantly executed jokes throughout an otherwise forgetful ceremony.  Did I miss something?  Was The Tourist not awful?  Peter Travers named it the worst film of 2010…that’s saying something, given we got a second Sex and the City, a seventh Saw, and Grown Ups.  Did Robert Downey Jr. not have a troubled past?  Is there not a shred of truth in the Hugh Hefner engagement joke?  Were these in bad taste, or is it under a larger microscope because it was a network broadcast?

My take: none of the above.  Instead, I would propose that after almost 250 years, (1) we still don’t “get” the British and (2) we continually get our collective panties in a bunch over the dumbest stuff.  “He made fun of my movie.”  Get over it…you made $10 million to speak with a terrible British accent.  Most people make less than a percentage of a percent of that and get canned over one misstep.  I will say kudos to Steve Carell, who rolled with the punches about “The Office”…clearly a guy who not only understood the awards show and Gervais’ jokes were semi-Comedy Central roast-like, but joked along with Gervais.

Let’s bring this down to our level…meaning, we’re not all actors, we’re not up for awards or trophies (not even The Shiva or The Sacko).  But we either know, are related to, or are these people.  Got offended at work? Quit.  Spouse not kissing your tail?  Leave.  You deserve nothing less than your own awards ceremony, where every thing you do is Citizen Kane (or apparently The Social Network), where nothing can be analyzed or critiqued, or heaven forbid, joked about.  Seen any of this behavior lately?  Modeled any of it?

Did any of you have to take the DiSC Inventory, which is an analysis of your personality?  Let me tell you about mine.  I’m what they call a high ”i” which should be renamed “Highest i” because mine was literally off the charts.  It looked like Everest had been dropped into central Illinois.  What does this mean?  Amongst other things, it means I thrive off of compliments, praise, and overall good cheer.  It also means I have an awful time dealing with conflict, critique, and anything with a hint of negativity directed towards me, because I immediately tend to equate it with failure.  I took that test in 1999, and while I still struggle with it occasionally, I’ve learned how to exercise self-control, not shut down when receiving correction, or even rebuke.  I’ve been at my current ministry almost five years, and if I would’ve gotten some of the “zingers” I received in 2010 in my first 12 months here, I’d have split (or had a meltdown).  I have (as do you) ZERO control over what someone thinks, does, or says regarding me.  I do, however, have 100% control over how I respond to such things (as do you).  So, in all grace and love, but truthfully…let it go.

“Better to have self-control than to conquer a city.” – Proverbs 17:32b (NLT)


  1. i’m a mountaintop D and death valley i. how are we even hetero-lifemates!?

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