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Consider it retracted. Most all of it. Nearly everything that I used to be such a strong proponent for….I take it back. When I look at the mega-church movement and see all of the money, sappy worship songs, cheesy efforts to mask their disconnectedness, money, emotional manipulation, marketing, money, hipster hairdos, giant LED screens, horrible sermon series ideas (yes, North Point Church in Springfield, MO – you, and your Whoopee Cushion Life series….I’m pointing at you…oh, and your That’s What She Said series should probably be thrown in too), and once again, money that is thrown at trying to “reach people with the gospel,” well, I take it all back….because I used to be one of those people who promoted the mass marketing efforts from mega churches. Now that I’m in my fifth year in my full-time ministry hiatus, I realize what I’ve done and what is being done to the message of Jesus. It’s being twisted into whatever will put more butts in seats so that the church corporation will continue to grow and ministers can make more money to keep their jobs.

I look back to two memories in particular (and I worked at two different mega churches – one probably more healthy than the other but they both had their issues). I remember being in what I’ll refer to as Creative Worship Team meetings where we would start with creative sermon ideas and then retroactively try to fit the words of the Bible into our man-made marketing image. I remember several times where, if it was a stretch to make the scripture fit, we would just look at each other and say, “Well, we’ll just spin it a little.” Another time, we would meet weekly with the sole intent on creating a “moment” – an emotionally charged, manipulative moment to put people in the “right frame of mind to make a decision for Christ.”  Sounds like a cult to me. At least, now that I’ve been out of the day-to-day ministry and in a FOR-PROFIT business, I realize that emotional manipulation and throwing lots of marketing dollars at our people was a way to keep the church from actually going out and getting our hands dirty in the very real and messy problems and issues that our congregants were dealing with.

I’ll probably share more about all of the money that was spent in another blog entry….but, I just wanted to throw it out there…that I take it all back. A spin doctor for Jesus is not what I think He is calling any of us to be.

  1. Truth tellers like you have years of bi-vocational ministry ahead of you. Enjoy!

  2. Welcome to the other side! Bi-vocational indeed.

  3. “A spin doctor for Jesus” that is a phrase I can sink my teeth into.

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