I’m A Runner

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Submitted By: Slowfo

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I am training for a half-marathon. See, I’m a runner. I’ve got shoes made exclusively for running. Every once in a while I get running-type magazines. My goal is to do the Oklahoma City Half Marathon on May 1st. I started my training last week. I ran last Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and my week totaled out at running a full 2 miles for the week. I’m a runner! Impressed? I know 2 miles may not seem like much to you but it’s 2 miles more than I’ve run over the last 8 months or so. I actually kinda like to run. I just haven’t done it in a while. As a matter of fact, I’ve done next to nothing as far as exercise for the last year unless you count climbing up and down the attic stairs to put our Christmas junk away. But after I got done with my first full mile on Saturday, I felt invigorated. I AM a runner. I am an athlete! Even though I ran at a pace where my 104 year old grandma could have beaten me in her wheel chair, I felt alive! In my mind, I had just graduated into being able to start all conversations with my friends with, “Yeah, I went running this morning and…..”

I share all of this because it struck me how, I’m a Christian and the plight of the poor and oppressed is on my mind quite a bit but I really don’t do much about it. Sure, I’ll write a check or two, but that’s about it. I’ll read books about how more needs to be done to help them. I’ll watch powerful videos on YouTube about mission trips, feeding the homeless, etc.  I keep up with what local charities are doing but I rarely get my hands dirty. So Saturday, I finished my run and was amazed at how actually running even such a short distance can make me feel so much better and I mentally consider myself to really be a runner when I actually get out and do it. Makes me wonder if, once I really get my hands dirty and build relationships with and help the homeless, maybe then I’ll know what being a Christian is really like.

Slowfo’s Unsolicited Cultural Editorial

Have you ever noticed that when some Christians are talking and one is sharing how God is moving in their life, the other one will give little “..mmm…………..yes……..” type utterances? The dialogue might go like this:

Christian #1: “Last night I was praying and the spirit of God just came over me……”

Christian #2: “…..mmm….”

Christian #1: “God just seemed to be saying that I need to make some changes…..”

Christian #2: “…….mmmmm……….yes……”

Christian #1: “I know I need to give God all of me and not just part of me….”

Christian #2: “…………yes”

Christian #1: ”Jesus is the only way to know TRUE peace in life!”

Christian #2: “…..MMMM…….yes, you got it!”

So let’s just pull Christian #2’s comments aside:

“……mmm……mmmmm…..yes…….wow……..yes……..MMMM……yes, you got it!”

I heard a podcast the other day where a Christian guy sounded almost exactly like this while interviewing someone. Why do some Christians choose to sound orgasmic when they talk? I don’t get it and it sounds ridiculous. Can you imagine if Larry King was sounding like this while he interviewed guests on his show? People would wonder if something was going on under that desk.


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