Shameless Self-Promotion (for Jesus)

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Submitted By: Gentry

My wife loves me enough to leave me out of a Labor Day tramp throughout the North Shore. As I sit here in the backyard listening to the breeze she’s off with ours, our niece and her mom to visit Rockport, Russell Orchards, & Crane’s Beach. One of three, I’d definitely do. Two of three, I’d be a probably. But three of three? Have I mentioned how much I love my wife?

Since she’s out, I’m going to turn to shameless promotion before dedicating my energies to reading, sipping coffee and drinking beer.

First, tomorrow night the Greater Boston Emergent Cohort is meeting at The Gathering at 7 pm. Our good friend Blake Huggins is joining us to discuss ecclesiology and the emergent conversation in light of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Blake is on the verge of moving to Nashville – which is clearly a pity – so don’t miss this opportunity to join the conversation and make future claims you knew noted Blake Huggins back then. If you can’t make the conversation, feel free to join us at the Gulu Gulu at 9.

Second, as the occasional hint of fall in the air and the annual rollout of harpoon’s octoberfest beer suggests,* Salem’s month long Halloween celebration is almost upon us. This year, like many others prior, I’m inviting you to join the Gathering tribe in the streets as we serve hot chocolate, pray, play, confess, bless and drag our asses to China Jade or Beer Works after to recuperate from the divine mess.

In the years past we’ve been surprised by the power of what we considered hipster evangelical clichés by doing the reverse confession booth a la Blue Like Jazz.

Others have proclaimed and woven the gospel stories into the lives of others by reading from the Jesus Deck.

Still others have offered death by chocolate to promote fair trade, convert to Equal Exchange, and share the message of Not for Sale.

Join us in doing our damnedest to bless the city on:

Children’s Day, a city-wide, cost-efficient family celebration on Saturday, October 8th. Children’s Day includes a costume parade, $1 hot dogs, discounted dominoes pizza, and free entertainment. It primarily serves residents of the city of Salem and is a great first step towards serving the city during Halloween.

And the weekends of October 14-16, 21-22, and 28-31.

We’re looking for people to serve hot chocolate, sound techs to run our stage (one of the largest in Salem), monks to bless, Jesus lovers to read, and people who’ve always wanted to try something of their own creative design in a spiritually open environment but have never found the place or time to do so.

I am so grateful when friends like the lovely and amazing KeefePerry’s, the Brownings, and the crew from Sojourn Collegiate Ministries join us. This year, I hope to see you out there as well!

Now, I’ve got to get to that coffee and, if I can find the energy, do the post-Irene backyard re-set or run a load of laundry. Whether I see you at cohort or on the streets during Halloween, it’s a blessing to serve beside ya.


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