Slowfo’s 2011 Football Preview

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Submitted By: Slowfo

Being raised in Oklahoma, one would think it to be a natural occurrence that I would become a fan of the football teams I now follow. Growing up, my dad was a Dallas Cowboys fan and had always said that you stick by your team during the good years or the bad. “Don’t be a band-wagon jumper!” he would exclaim with pride. He would never stoop to such cheap, shallow shenanigans! That pride has been ingrained in me that you never give up your team. So I’m still a Cowboys fan (and a Baltimore Orioles fan…..pray for me) in spite of the Jerry Jones embarrassments as well as their playoff ineptitude of late. Meanwhile, my dad has reversed course from his old team-following proverb to the point that it would not surprise me if, when asked “What team are you following this year, Dad?” He might reply with, “Who’s winning?”

As for becoming a fan of the mighty Sooners, I blame Texas (which is always fun to do! are they responsible for the demise of the Big 12? hook ’em). In Oklahoma, there are multitudes of obnoxious Sooner fans to the point that as a kid, I grew weary of constantly hearing about them and their magical wishbone formations. I could have been an Oklahoma State fan but they rarely win and are annually sour about their never-ending little brother status in this state. I couldn’t care less about either team until I uprooted my family in 1999 to Texas. My new Texan friends automatically concluded that since I was from Oklahoma, I must be a Sooners fan and proceeded to weekly give me all sorts of grief about the state of the Sooners and how much better their Longhorns were (remember my comment on how obnoxious Sooner fans can be? Well, take that and multiply x2 for Longhorn fans. Makes sense. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?). Let me remind you that this same year a guy by the name of Bob Stoops was hired as Oklahoma’s coach. I like that guy. And all of the sudden, he started shutting up those Texas fans that I dealt with every day. Since then, I’ve loved Bob and those Sooners and I’ll stick by my team no matter how many national championships they win or refuse to show up for (see money-injected USC’s 55-19 drubbing in 2005).

On with the Cowboys/Sooners preview for 2011:

Let’s start with the not-so-great first. The Dallas Cowboys. I’m hopeful about Jason Garrett as coach. Maybe his Ivy League education will help this team play a little smarter than they did last year when they were one of the most penalized teams under Wade Phillips. Rob Ryan will give the defense some spark although he won’t have good enough players yet to really make an impact with. Special teams are iffy although it will be fun to watch former Oklahoma State kicker, Dan Bailey and former Oklahoma Sooners superstar RB Demarco Murray see if they can make a difference. The whole team looks good but not quite good enough to me. Romo at QB, Felix Jones at RB, an aging linebacker corp, and an improving but young offensive line tell me that this team goes 8-8, or 9-7 at best this year. Playoffs are doubtful unless Garrett can get this team to overachieve.

As for the Oklahoma Sooners, they’ve started the year as the #1 team in every poll in the country (I think that’s right….I’m too lazy to look them all up) and that has me worried. The preseason favorite hardly ever actually becomes national champ. The Sooners offense is incredibly powerful and deep. Their defense is very good but suspect. All American Travis Lewis is hurt at least for the next several weeks and their defensive line is potentially weak. The worst part of this team is still their place kicking which will likely cost them at least one game this year and will make others closer than necessary. Landry Jones and the Sooners will need to get over their fear of wearing their white jerseys. When this team is on the road, recent history has shown they can be extremely vulnerable. My prediction – Landry Jones will be a Heisman candidate but not the winner. The Sooners will be a National Championship participant but sadly will lose to Alabama. Consequently the vocal minority of Sooner fans in this state will unbelievably call for Bob Stoop’s head for once again getting the team to the dance but not winning their 8th national championship. The Sooners only loss aside from the championship will come on Sept. 17 to Florida State; but the best game to watch this year will be Bedlam – Oklahoma at Oklahoma State on December 3rd. It will once again be a battle for the ages but the Sooners will come out on top as they tend to do against the Pokes. Congrats to OSU though for really upgrading their program (cool new uniforms to boot!) and making this state a football haven to reckon with. Enjoy the college football season and we’ll see you in the PAC-16 next year!

  1. i like how you say “money-injected usc” like big red auto sales never existed.

    i hope both your teams contract gonorrhea and burn in hell!

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